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Car Accident Lawyer In Denver

Car crashes are the most common cause of personal injuries in Colorado. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, in 2017, there were 119,373 motor vehicle crashes in our state. In the same year, more than 4,500 crashes were caused by at-fault drivers who were driving while distracted.

Fatal car crashes have been rising steadily in Colorado for the past eight years. In 2010 and 2011, there were 411 and 407 fatal crashes across the state, respectively. In 2017, deadly crashes reached their highest level in fifteen years, with 600 fatal road accidents. Unfortunately, 2018 did not see much improvement, with 588 fatal collisions.

The victims of traffic crashes can suffer a variety of injuries, ranging from soft-tissue whiplash injuries to catastrophic life-changing injuries and even death. Every car accident injury case needs to be treated seriously. Even a simple case of whiplash can result in missed work, months of physical therapy, expensive car repairs, and the frustration of having to deal with hostile insurance companies.

Motor vehicle crashes cause major disruption to the lives of Coloradans who are injured by the negligence of other drivers. High medical bills, lost income, lost earning capacity, physical impairment, physical disfigurement, pain, and suffering are among the categories of recoverable damages.

The at-fault driver is responsible to the other injured drivers and passengers for their injuries, damages, and losses. Under Colorado law, a fault is based on negligence. If a driver's negligence caused a crash, the negligent driver is responsible for the injuries they have caused. Even if the injured victim of a car accident was partly negligent, they may still be able to recover damages.

People who have been injured in car crashes may need to hire an attorney to force the insurance companies to fully compensate them for their injuries. Skilled attorneys who focus their practice on personal injury cases will almost always be able to recover more money for their injured clients than a person would be able to get on their own without a lawyer.

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The Max Law Firm has jury trial experience in numerous traffic collision cases including vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, careless driving causing death, reckless driving, and driving under the influence. Attorney Raj Chohan has worked closely with traffic reconstruction experts, police officers and medical experts to help juries understand the cause and severity of the victim's injuries and the importance of holding the responsible parties accountable.

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