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Our Firm's Philosophy

A Different Kind of Firm

The Max Law Firm was founded by former prosecutor, Raj Chohan, who recognized a need for a different kind of personal injury law firm in Colorado - one focused on low caseloads and exceptional client service. MAX is an acronym for "motor vehicle accident." The firm focuses primarily on traffic injury law. The firm's business model is focused on professional and compassionate personal injury representation, frequent attorney-client contact, low attorney caseloads, and lower standard contingency fees than the industry average.

Why are lower caseloads important?

Simply put, lower caseloads allow an attorney to give every client's case more time and attention. The Max Law Firm has made an affirmative business decision to keep its attorney caseload at a fraction of the caseloads carried by attorneys at high-volume personal injury firms.

The Max Law Firm believes keeping a low caseload is critical to providing high-quality client service. Moreover, The Max believes a licensed trial attorney, rather than a paraprofessional, should be doing most of the client contact and day to day work on a case.

Why does a personal injury attorney need to be an experienced trial lawyer?

In cases where the insurance companies refuse to make a fair and reasonable settlement offer, the only leverage an attorney has is the ability to win a case at trial. Presenting a credible trial threat forces insurance companies to calculate the risks and costs of going to trial. This often results in better settlement offers. If an attorney has little or no trial experience or is reluctant to take good cases to trial, insurance adjusters will consistently tender poor settlement offers.

Attorney Raj Chohan at the Max Law Firm has extensive jury trial experience and embraces opportunities to take good cases to trial. The Max Law Firm has the experience, determination and trial skill to present your case powerfully and persuasively to a jury. For a free consultation, please call 720-699-8268.

The Max Law Firm is a Colorado LLC

The Max Law Firm is a limited liability company registered with the Colorado Secretary of State and doing business under the trade name Max Injury Law.