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Learn How Our Process Works

When you make an initial appointment with The Max Law Firm, an attorney will come to your home, discuss your accident and injuries, and let you know how the firm can help you. Your intake attorney will explain the firm's contingency fee structure in a transparent and straightforward manner. If we all agree that the Max Law Firm is the right firm for your case, we will thoroughly discuss our contract and ask you to sign several documents that will allow the firm to legally get started on your case.

From there your attorney will reach out to the insurance companies involved, order policy documents and investigate policy limits, order police records, photographs, police video if available, dispatch logs and 911 tapes.  The firm will contact witnesses, take statements, and stay in touch with you about any important developments.  Your attorney will regularly discuss your injuries and medical treatment with you, order your medical records and bills, investigate and negotiate medical liens that may be asserted against the proceeds of your case, and provide information and documents for you to submit to your employer to recover lost wages. At every step, your attorney will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

When you have reached maximum medical improvement, we will again discuss the value of your case and put together a strategy for your demand package.  Your attorney will draft and assemble your demand package and send it to the insurance carrier.  Your attorney will stay in close contact with you throughout the negotiation period and will discuss with you the various offers and recommendations for counteroffers.  If the settlement is favorable, and you agree to accept, then documents will be exchanged with the insurance company to formally accept the offer.  Your attorney will investigate the known medical liens that are related to your case and will attempt to negotiate reductions to those liens.  Your attorney will then pay the known medical liens from the proceeds of the case, deduct the attorney fee, and provide you with a final net settlement. Most cases will settle in this manner.

If, however, the insurance company refuses to make a reasonable settlement offer for your case, your attorney will likely recommend initiating litigation by filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.  Filing a lawsuit, in cases that are strong enough to justify the risk of trial, may result in a better settlement offer because the insurance carrier will be forced to consider the risk and expense of litigation. If we agree that a lawsuit should be filed in your case, your attorney will thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of litigation to allow you to make an informed decision.  If your case is filed and proceeds all the way to trial, you will have an experienced trial attorney to present your case to the jury.  

The Max Law Firm has extensive jury trial experience to present your case powerfully and persuasively to a jury of your peers.

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